Littles’ New Years Interview

Today I was checking out another blog  online, and seen an amazing idea!

New Years Interview for my littles! Such an amazing idea! You do the interview before the new year and every year, you do one again. I got the questions to ask off of the blog and made some up myself. Here’s some of the questions:
1. What is your name?

2. How old are you?

3. What is your mom’s name?

4. What does your mom do during the day?

5. What is your dad’s name?

6. What does your dad do during the day?

7.  What is your favorite color?

8. What is your favorite thing to eat?

9. What don’t you like to eat?

10. Who are your friends?

11. What is your favorite song? Can you sing it for me? ( PS The song at 2:00 in the video is my favorite!)

12. What are your siblings’ names?

13. Where is your favorite place to go?

14. What is your favorite thing to do?

15. What do you like about Mom? (Dad, brother, etc.)

16. What do you want to be when you grow up?

17. What does your sibling like to do?

18. What was the favorite toy you got for Christmas?

19. What do you like about yourself the most?

It was so fun! We loved every moment of it!

Well worth it! Can’t wait to see theirs next year!


Arts and Crafts from Christmas

Today started out good for the most part. My littles and I were super excited to play with their new things and do some of their new arts and crafts! We did do some and they came out beautiful! 




Painting her wind chime


Painting his bird house


Finished wind chime hanging on the door for now!!


Finished bird house!!


It's hanging outside for now


Our sand art! Little #1's, Little #2's, and mine!!


Little #1's nails she put on for the first time!


Of course, Little #2's toe nails painted

Awesome start to the day. Sadly, the rest of the day was crappy but my littles when to their dad’s home to give us a little break for now. Tomorrow will be better!

Four and Five Years Ago

These are pictures of my littles and their cousins four years ago!





And now here are ones of my littles five years ago! Miss them being so little!






All these pictures were made possible to see again thanks for Facebook and Timehop! Such a nice surprise to see them just when I needed to!

Four Years Ago

As I lay here listening to my littles sleep while I look on my Timehop app for the day, I can’t help but think about everything we have went through, where we have been, where we are now, and everything we have accomplished.


Little #2 almost 2


Little #1 around 3





These are the pictures I see on my Timehop app today from four years ago. Such adorable pictures of my littles. Brings back so much.

Little #1 was around 3 and Little #2 was almost 2.

At the time, we were living at one of my older sister’s homes with her and her family as they let us live with them for a while out of the goodness of their heart. We were and still are very thankful for that and everything they did, as long with everything everyone has done for us.

We were living there staying in my niece’s room and mostly staying in there. Most of our things were in there on a couch packed away in tubs and boxes. My littles and I slept on two thick blankets for padding. That was our home at the time. We did most things in the room and stayed in there most of the time. We didn’t have a Christmas tree or a Christmas really that year or the year before. I was in between jobs and couldn’t keep a job if my life depended on it. Where we lived it was kind of crowded in a way but we loved it because we were with our loved ones that we were starting to get to know. I was just getting out of the postpartum depression funk I was in which was major. My little’s father and I were in a very bad place as parents and couldn’t go without arguing and fighting no matter what. My older sisters, one of their fiancé’s, and my niece helped us out a lot about parenting, disciplining, transportation, babysitting, daycare, job hunting, encouraging, motivating, grocery shopping, cooking, etc. They did so much. I’m so thankful for all that they have done.

Now, four years from then, a lot has changed.

My littles and I live in a three bedroom townhome. It’s beautiful. We have our own rooms, have a main floor with a upstairs and a basement, have two bathrooms, and can afford it no matter what. We have our dog Molly who is a big part of our lives and family. We have more love than before. We have a lot on track and going for us. All of us are getting the help we need with counseling which has greatly helped. We have good friends. My littles go to an amazing school that has helped so much. We live in an amazing community that really helps others. We live within walking distance from a grocery store and the public bus stops. I’m going to college and am doing so good. We actually have a direction in which our lives are going. We are learning more about appreciation, respect, giving, and helping others.

Not everything is perfect right now and nothing will be. That’s just fine with us. We have accepted that. We are making due with how our lives are and going to always continue to push forward.

So thankful for everyone and everything that has helped us in the past, present, and future.

A lot has changed over the years. Can’t wait to see how else things change years from now!


This weekend is supposed to be my weekend with my littles. But Little #2 really needed to spend some time with their dad badly. So he went to their dad’s last night for today and tomorrow morning. Little #1 and I are spending some time together which was much needed too. We are lounging around, eating ice cream, reading books, watching movies, talking, and cuddling. Very much needed. We are learning more and more about each other, getting closer, and spending time together. I’m so thankful for this time with her.

Christmas Programs

Yesterday my littles had their Christmas programs. They did amazing!! I’m so proud of them!! Little #1 had her 2nd Grade Christmas Program and Little #2 had his Kindergarten Christmas Program. I’m beyond proud that I was able to make it, that my sister made it, and that they did so amazing. They worked their butts off to do this and I’m so proud of them!!


Little #1


Little #2 with his glasses on

Hopefully Today Will Be Better

Last night was a horrible night for my son, Little #2. I thought everything was good since he finally had his Christmas program and he did amazing! He seen me and his aunt there. He was smiling up the storm! Of course, he was the loudest singer and knew all the actions/dances he needed to do! He loves to preform, dance, and sing. I was so proud of him and still am.

My sister gave me a ride to pick him and his sister, Little #1, up from school and when he seen me, he had such a sad face on. I think he wanted their dad to pick him up and was sad since he didn’t.

The rest of the evening, was horrible. Little #2 didn’t want anything to do with me or anyone else except their dad, who was at work. He kept screaming, crying, throwing a big fit, not listening, slamming doors, yelling, and having a major melt down all because he wanted their dad. It was so frustrating and heart breaking at the same time. Their dad works lots of hours out of town so sometimes can’t see them every day but makes sure he can call about every day. They also see him lots of weekends or every other weekend. It’s beyond hard for them and heart breaking for them when their dad was living with us for a year after barely seeing him for years before and now they got really close with him all over again.

It’s so hard because no matter what I try or do, I can’t soothe him at all or fix the problem. I know littles don’t always need or want someone to fix their problems for them, I learned that in counseling so now I do understand. Most of the time, they want someone to sympathize and be there for them by supporting, encouraging, and understanding them. So that’s what I’ve been trying to do and also find different ways to soothe him such as cuddling, talking about our feelings or about other things, and being there but it never works! All he wants is their dad but I can’t get him to be here or fix the problem for him. Last night, after a bunch of talks between him and his dad which helped a bit, he calmed down a bit but then was still sad so I agreed he could lay with me in my bed. I tried rubbing his back, singing to him, cuddling with him, holding him, etc. But none of it worked. He ended up crying in my arms to sleep for their dad. I was so heart broken. This happens at least twice a week that he has these meltdowns about wanting their dad.

Breakups are hard for littles. I’m so scared to ever get in a bother relationship because of fear if it doesn’t work out or they leave or something happens and the affect it will have on my littles and myself but mostly my littles. I want to put my littles in a big bubble to protect them from everyone and everything but of course I can’t.

Sometimes life is hard and stinks. People come and go. Breakups are hard, especially for littles. Also very hard when you can’t soothe or fix the problem for your littles.

Hopefully today will be better.

Perfect Moment

Currently I’m laying in my bed with Little #1 passed out holding my arm on my left side all cuddled up to me snoring away, Little #2 passed out holding my other arm on my right side all cuddled up to me with his leg even pushed onto my back, and our dog Molly all spread out on my bare feet snoring away as well. All four of us taking up my whole bed; thank goodness for a king size bed or this would not go as well lol!

This right is the moment I can’t wait for all day, especially when I’ve been missing them all weekend while they are at their dads for his home on his weekends.
#BeyondBlessed #PerfectMoment

So Far So Good!

Seeing my little’s faces this morning when finding our elf on the shelf, reading his good deed for the day, finding their Christmas Advent Book Calendar, and reading his compliments for the day was priceless!!

They both got a arts and crafts book for our Elf and loved it! They both can’t wait to try some of the arts and crafts.

For the good deed of the day, it is to compliment everyone at least once and they both got a compliment from the Elf. Little #1’s compliment was that she is beautiful and has very nice hair. It helped her very much. She said that since the Elf said that, that she didnt want a wig for Christmas anymore and wasn’t going to wear her fake hair. I’m glad she’s feeling more comfortable! Little #2’s compliment was that he has a very nice smile and is a very good big boy. He loved it and worked on being good this morning.

So far so good! Great morning so far!