Arts and Crafts from Christmas

Today started out good for the most part. My littles and I were super excited to play with their new things and do some of their new arts and crafts! We did do some and they came out beautiful! 




Painting her wind chime


Painting his bird house


Finished wind chime hanging on the door for now!!


Finished bird house!!


It's hanging outside for now


Our sand art! Little #1's, Little #2's, and mine!!


Little #1's nails she put on for the first time!


Of course, Little #2's toe nails painted

Awesome start to the day. Sadly, the rest of the day was crappy but my littles when to their dad’s home to give us a little break for now. Tomorrow will be better!



We have survived a few days of my littles’ Christmas break, thank goodness. Have to admit that after the first few hours of the first day and after a few days, all I wanted was my littles to go back to school! They were driving me insane in the membrane about everything!

But I’m thankful we have had this time together. I really am. It was much needed even though I tended to disagree most of the time with that.

This Christmas break for my littles has been full of movie watching, singing totally off key, dancing like maniacs around the house, cutting up paper into millions of little pieces, making a bunch of snow flakes, decorating Christmas cookies for us and Santa, bouncing on everything, arguing about everything imaginable, trying very hard to actually sleep in for once, chasing Molly our dog around the house, spending some quality time with my sister and niece and nephew, reading millions of books, cleaning so much actually thought my hands were going to fall off, eating junk food, trying to make new foods but didn’t turn out very well, yelling back and forth, so much apologizing, breaking a wine glass for a purpose, wishing we were all at school, babysitting to help others, babysitting to get rid of my baby fever which quickly disappeared, trying to hide the presents as much as possible, trying to decently wrap the presents, doing the dishes for the umpteenth millionth time ever, taking showers and baths just to relax instead of get clean, watching old disney movies that hasn’t been watched by us in years, finding the Elf on the Shelf, and many more!

Christmas 2014

This Christmas has been one of the best ones yet! Santa wasn’t able to wrap every present but did get most of the presents my littles wanted and more. Their dad even got to stay the night and watch them open all the presents this morning with my mom and my step dad. Christmas didn’t go quite as planned but it was definitely one of the best ones yet. After we opened the presents and stockings from Santa and my mom and step dad, Molly our dog got to open up her presents from Santa as well in her stockings! I even got to open up a few presents myself too. Now my littles are having Christmas at their dads with his family and I’m having Christmas with my sister, niece, and nephew with my mom and step dad as well here. We even got to have taco dip! Yum! My littles and I also got toys for three children ages 3 months, 1 year old, and 12 years old for Christmas from the Angel Tree that the Salvation Army does every year in the mall. I really hope that they enjoy their presents this morning as well.  One of the best Christmases goes down in history! 

Elf On The Shelf Update

I thought I had ruined Elf on the Shelf within these past two weeks for my littles. I was praying I didn’t but had a feeling I did.

It’s so hard to make sure you stay up long enough to move the Elf around, make a note up, and put a gift out a few times within the book advent calendar and the special things from the Elf. It’s hard!!

Especially when you go to sleep just about right after your littles fall asleep.

But tonight I won!! I have stayed up even though I am beyond tired, moved the Elf, put out a note and gift for both littles, and cleaned up a little bit, thankfully. 

Hopefully they love it. I love seeing them being so excited in the morning to go see where the Elf is.

But Then I See This

Life is sometimes unbelievably hard. Sometimes it really is. Sometimes I feel lost and have no idea what step to take next or where to turn.

But then I see this.


From the pictures that my littles school took for us for Christmas and it makes me know that I everything that I’m doing is correct and for a reason.


Helps show me that this is all worth it in every way. 💖

Day 19 Blog Challenge

Day 19 Blog Challenge: Name something that has helped change your view or something about you within the past few days.

For me, it would be yesterday my sister, my nephew, my little #1, and I went to the mall. My little #1 and I picked 3 littles off of the Angel Tree there. The Angel Tree is a tree filled with littles and their wishes for Christmas. It has the ages and the sex of the little along with their 3 wishes. You buy their wishes or similar to their wishes for the littles for Christmas. We’ve never done it before but have been on the Angel Tree in the past years from the Salvation Army. We seen it and had an idea to go sponsor 3 littles to help them have a good Christmas. We picked out a 12 year old girl, a 1 year old girl, and a 3 month old boy. We bought two things for two of them and are getting the rest this week. Beyond excited to be doing this with my littles to help show them the true meaning of the holidays and giving.

Christmas Programs

Yesterday my littles had their Christmas programs. They did amazing!! I’m so proud of them!! Little #1 had her 2nd Grade Christmas Program and Little #2 had his Kindergarten Christmas Program. I’m beyond proud that I was able to make it, that my sister made it, and that they did so amazing. They worked their butts off to do this and I’m so proud of them!!


Little #1


Little #2 with his glasses on

So Far So Good!

Seeing my little’s faces this morning when finding our elf on the shelf, reading his good deed for the day, finding their Christmas Advent Book Calendar, and reading his compliments for the day was priceless!!

They both got a arts and crafts book for our Elf and loved it! They both can’t wait to try some of the arts and crafts.

For the good deed of the day, it is to compliment everyone at least once and they both got a compliment from the Elf. Little #1’s compliment was that she is beautiful and has very nice hair. It helped her very much. She said that since the Elf said that, that she didnt want a wig for Christmas anymore and wasn’t going to wear her fake hair. I’m glad she’s feeling more comfortable! Little #2’s compliment was that he has a very nice smile and is a very good big boy. He loved it and worked on being good this morning.

So far so good! Great morning so far!