Day 24 Blog Challenge

Day 24 Blog Challenge: Some about your family.

I have a big family. A big confusing one.

1. My oldest sibling is my sister Christina. She is 32 years old. We have the same dad. Christina is the oldest of all of us. I’ve always looked up to her a lot even though for a long time I didn’t know much about her.  Christina is like a best friend and sister wrapped into one. She has taught me a lot. She is smart, generous, thoughtful, and special.

2. Second oldest is my sister Nicole. She’s 30 years old. We have the same dad. We have always had a love hate relationship but always end up sticking together at the end of the day. She has many dreams and such a good heart. Nicole is funny, loving, smart, encouraging, and special.

3. Third oldest is my sister Jessica. She is 27 years old. We have the same mom and dad. She has always been like the mom, sister, and best friend all wrapped into one, even to this day she still is. I may be a little biases but Jessica is one of the best people in the world. She is smart, funny, loving, generous, and thoughtful.

4. Fourth would be me 🙂 I’m 25 years old.

5. Fifth would be my brother Alex. He is 23 years old. We have the same mom. He has been through a lot in life but still stands strong. We don’t know each other exactly any more very well but he is my brother and I love him with all my heart. Alex is sensitive, thoughtful, inspiring, and special.

6. Sixth would be my brother Casey. He’s 22 years old. We have the same dad. We don’t know each other much but he is my brother and I love him. He’s pretty amazing. Casey is thoughtful, inspiring, funny, and special.

7. Seventh would my brother Aaron. He is 20 years old. We have the same mom. He is amazing. I miss him a lot. We didn’t get to know each other very much anymore but are working on it. Im so proud of the young man he has become. He is inspiring, generous, thoughtful, and funny.

8. Eighth would be my sister Samantha. She is 19 years old. We have the same dad. Her mom is my adoptive mom. We grew up together mostly. I’m beyond proud of who she is and everything about her. She’s so inspiring, amazing, beyond smart, and funny. I can’t believe all that she has accomplished at her age. She has dreams and she will reach them.

9. Ninth would be my brother Jordan. He is 16 years old, almost 17 years old. We have the same mom. We don’t know each other very well but are going to be working on it. He is so bright, funny, generous, and thoughtful.

10. Tenth would be my brother Brian. He is 16 years old. We don’t have the same parents. But he has became family. His uncle is my adoptive mom’s fiancé. He is so smart, thoughtful, funny, and loving. Brian is amazing.

11. Eleventh would be my sister MollyJo. She is about to be 15 years old. We have the same dad. Her mom is my adoptive mom. Molly is very courageous, funny, thoughtful, and smart. She is like my mini me in my looks and the way I am. She will always be my little baby sister.

12. Twelfth would be my sister Emaleigh. She is 6 years old. Her mom is my adoptive mom. She is one of the best little sisters ever. Always, she keeps a smile on people’s faces and has them laughing. Emaleigh is smart, hilarious, thoughtful, and special.

13. Thirteenth would be my sister Nevaeh. She is 4 years old. Her mom is my adoptive mom. She is the cutest smallest little peanut ever. Always being her silly self making people melt over her and fall for her cute self. She is smart, loving, generous, and thoughtful.

14. I also have some foster sisters that mean the world to me even though we aren’t exactly close any more. They are amazing women.

Now all these siblings are a lot. I still have work to do on being a good sister and getting close with them. I wouldn’t change them for the world though. They are all amazing and special in their own ways. I’m so proud of who they are and beyond happy to claim all of them as family. They have been brought into my life by amazing parents and have brought other amazing people into my life.

1. My birth mom Mary. We’ve had a difficult relationship for a long time but it has greatly approved in many ways. She is inspiring. She has always pushed me to do better and believed in me. Always is supportive even if she doesn’t agree with my choices. She’s been through a lot but stays strong. I look up to her a lot.

2. My dad Tony. We have had our difficulties but in the end, he is my dad. I wouldn’t have any other dad out there. He tries his hardest and always pushes through.

3. My foster mom Carol. This woman is amazing. We have had our difficulties too in our relationship but I look up to her a lot even though at times I don’t show it. She is a great woman. She has done so much out of the greatness in her heart, I want to be like her one day.

4. My adoptive mom Greta. Now this woman right here has helped save me, change me, and teach me almost everything I need to know. I’m so thankful she is in my life. She raised me and believed in me always even when I didn’t believe in myself. Greta has been one of the most supportive people in my life.

5. Also big thanks to my step dad Reggie, step dad Dan, and step mom Tara. They have been there through thick and thin for me and my littles during periods in my life and even still now. I’m very thankful for them.

All these people are my family. I love them all!


Day 23 Blog Challenge

Day 23 Blog Challenge: Accomplishment recently.

A big accomplishment is that my littles and I helped out three children ages 3 months, 1 years old, and 12 years old for Christmas presents for their Christmas. We are very proud of that.

Day 19 Blog Challenge

Day 19 Blog Challenge: Name something that has helped change your view or something about you within the past few days.

For me, it would be yesterday my sister, my nephew, my little #1, and I went to the mall. My little #1 and I picked 3 littles off of the Angel Tree there. The Angel Tree is a tree filled with littles and their wishes for Christmas. It has the ages and the sex of the little along with their 3 wishes. You buy their wishes or similar to their wishes for the littles for Christmas. We’ve never done it before but have been on the Angel Tree in the past years from the Salvation Army. We seen it and had an idea to go sponsor 3 littles to help them have a good Christmas. We picked out a 12 year old girl, a 1 year old girl, and a 3 month old boy. We bought two things for two of them and are getting the rest this week. Beyond excited to be doing this with my littles to help show them the true meaning of the holidays and giving.

Day 18 Blog Challenge

Day 18 Blog Challenge: Take a picture of a piece of art that you love.


This hangs in my room. I got it from Goodwill a while back. I absolutely love it. It may have a different meaning but to me it means that your life is in your hands, about the beauty in life, and about your true self. Love it.

Day 16 Blog Challenge

Day 16 Blog Challenge: Someone you admire and why.

I really admire my sister Jessica. She is one of seriously the best sisters ever. She is always there even if she can’t be physically. Just about always she puts everyone first above herself and tries to help out everyone. She is such an amazing mom, sister, and woman. I’m so proud of her.