A Few Good Years Left

My Littles are 9 years old and 8 years old. It honestly feels like we only have a few good years left. That feels incredibly depressing to me. I don’t mean to jinx it and I hope I don’t, but it really does feel this way. 

Right now I work 3rd shift.  My Littles are sleeping at home when I am working. So I end up sleeping a lot when they are at school and home. I try to wake up when they get home from school but sometimes I am completely exhausted. When my Littles do see me and get to spend time with me, they attack me with hugs and want to spend tons of time with me. I love it. Sometimes it may feel like too much when I am very tired still but I absolutely love it. I love cuddling up, watching a movie, and playing board games with them. Dancing around the house, driving around amelessly having a jam out party in the car, and going special places is a blast for me. Even just doing absolutely nothing with them except talking about how school, sports, and life is doing for them is my happy time. Those are the moments that hold me over during the days when I am exhausted and overtired from working so many days in a row and pushing through so I can provide for my family and finally get to see my Littles. 

But I fear that we only may have a few good years like this left. 

Soon as they get older, they aren’t going to be so excited to see me. They aren’t going to want to cuddle up with me when I get home early and sneak in their rooms for a few minutes to cuddle and talk before they have to get up and moving for school. Our dance parties around the house where we laugh together and dance the silliest moves, they aren’t going to be interested in that anymore. The jam out parties that we have in the car when we sing as loud as we can to the best songs ever and have the best dance motions are going to be an embarrassment to them. 

Soon it’s only going to be about their friends, their crushes, and shopping to them. That’s it. No me. No me and them spending time together. 

We only have a few more good years left. We better enjoy every last minute of it and cherish it. Before we know it, they will be graduating from high school and college, getting married, and having babies. ❤


One thought on “A Few Good Years Left

  1. Leah says:

    My daughter is 8 next year and I often feel like this! Can totally relate. She’s already stopped telling me how school was. 😩 But try look forward to all the other things they’ll need you for and new fun you can have xx


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