Speak Up and Stand Up

​I seen this on a friend’s Facebook and strongly felt it needed reposting. So many people are scared and victimized right now. 

OK white people. It’s now our responsibility to speak up and, if necessary, fight for the people who are marginalized, scapegoated, demonized, victimized. We MUST NOT become complacent because our privilege is intact. When you see racism, misogyny, xenophobia, ablism, homophobia, transphobia, don’t let it go. We have to be vigilant and protect the rights of our neighbors when they are threatened. 
If you are – 
A woman

A person of color

An immigrant

A Muslim

A Native American



I will speak up for you. I will not allow othering of you. I will work for justice for you. This is my responsibility as a person of privilege.

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