Back At It

​Life gets crazy busy sometimes, as you all must know already. As it gets busy, you tend to lose sight of your dreams, who you are, and everything that is important because you get so caught up with life. That happened to me within this year so I had to take some time off from my blog to regroup, find myself again, and take some time for my family. 
Now, I am feeling amazing, refreshed, and can’t wait to start writing again! 
Here’s a little update on my family:
Little #1 is doing amazing in school this year. She absolutely loves it! She has even taken up a few extra curricular activities and has really been showing her independence as well as responsibility. At school, she is the little miss queen bee with her friends and a big help. 
Little #2 is back on the right track and is doing extremely well in school. Just about every day, he gets a positive school award for doing so well. He has many close friends and does very well interacting with others now. All the help we have gotten him has really helped and paid off. 
I am still working at the place I absolutely love. I love all my residents, being able to make a difference in their lives, and all the staff I work with. My schedule has changed finally so that I can be home more now with my loves, which has helped a ton. Recently my Littles have gotten interested in religion and their faith again more in depth so we have been exploring and learning more through youth group, bible study for me, and church. It has helped all of us. My loves and I are very happy at this point in our lives and everything is working out for all four of us. 
Thank you for sticking with my blog and I look forward to posting more!