Thankful Challenge Day 2: Change

Change is a hard thing for me. It really is. I normally hate change. I normally hate how one day things are like how they usually are and then one day things change. I normally hate when people are in your life and then one day, they are gone. I normally hate when new people come into your life and you have to get used to someone new while secretly fearing that they will eventually leave as well like everyone else has.

Every November changes my fear of change a bit. The leaves change from all the green colors to beautiful amazing colors of oranges, reds, and browns on the trees. Eventually all of the leaves fall off of the trees leaving the tree behind. It happens every single November. You can always count on it happening. Soon the trees are bare with just the branches alone. But guess what happens every Spring? The green beautiful leaves come back on the trees! Every single Spring they all come back. They may not be in the same spot or the exact same leaf, but they all come back and the tree is back to the way it was but bigger and more beautiful than it was before. You can always count on the leaves changing, falling off of the trees leaving them behind, and coming back.

This shows me that every thing goes through some sort of form of change and keeps going on in life. It helps me embrace change and know that I will get through any change that happens in my life.

I’m so very thankful for change, even though at times it’s hard to me. Without change, I wouldn’t have my beautiful .  I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. I wouldn’t have the important people that have been in my life in the past that have made differences in my life. I wouldn’t have the amazing people that are in my life now that mean so much to me. Without change, my life wouldn’t be worth it like it is now.



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