A Different Perspective

Do you ever have moments where a lot of hard stressful things keep happening back to back in your life? Or moments when you have no clue where to turn to next? Or moments when you think your life is the worst it can be right now with all these bad things keep happening and are just praying hoping for the day everything will get better?

I have those moments a lot, and I sure do mean a lot. You know how people say bad things come in three’s? Well, bad things come in 10’s for me it seems like. I know when a few bad things start happening, I need to try and get prepared and put my big girl panties on because a lot more bad things are going to happen ASAP.

I used to think “Why me?” “Why would God let all this struggle happen to me?” “What did I do that is so wrong that all these bad things keep happening?”. I would have a huge pity party for myself. Behind closed doors, I would throw the biggest fit. I would scream, cry, and act like a little baby when everything just seemed to go downhill more than I could even imagine. I would want to give up because I didn’t know how I could pick up the pieces again from everything that has happened that is completely messed up for my Littles and I. Eventually I would pick myself right back up and keep trying my hardest to put everything back on track by fixing the problems but I would still have those negative thoughts and still be down on myself. When something good would happen, I wouldn’t believe it completely since I’m so used to all these bad things happening. I would push myself away from good things in a way. If I seen someone that had the perfect relationship with their loved one, an amazing bond with their Littles, the job or career that I wanted so badly, the home life that I so desperately hoped for I would get jealous that they have what I’ve wanted so badly. I knew it just wasn’t my time yet so I would try to stay positive and hopeful that one day, everything for my Littles and I would fall into place even though I always had the negative in the back of my head.

But then there are things that I happen to see, read, or hear that totally put everything bad into perspective that changes my whole outlook on my life and my so called “struggles” that have seemed so hard to get through.

I have very someone close to me that is going through a lot of life changing situations right now. She is a very strong, hard working, and amazing woman. Everything that is going on in her life is huge and heartbreaking right now. It’s devastating to see her and her family have to go through all this.

There is a page on Facebook that I absolutely love, even though it brings me to tears almost every time I look at it or it pops up in my news feed. It’s called Humans Of New York. They tell people’s stories of things that have happened in their lives one story at a time. They have a website too at Humans Of New York Website just in case you don’t have a Facebook and want to check them out.

Their page and website are amazing. It truly is. They travel and share people’s stories from around the world in their series. Humans of New York try to help as many people as they can that share their stories with them and let everyone know how they can help also. They have done Humans of New York, Humans of Pakistan, Humans of Iran, and now they are doing Humans of New York: Refugees Stories. Read a few of their stories they share and I can guarantee you that your outlook on life will be changed and your struggles won’t seem big at all anymore.

Here are a few of the stories they have shared recently:



The picture of the beautiful family behind the story above




The woman behind the story above


Part 1


Part 2

Every time I read one of these stories, it breaks my heart and changes everything for me and makes me think, wow my struggles aren’t anything compared to other people’s struggles that are way worse. I wish I can help all of the people that are struggling. These stories motivate me more to take action to do that and there are way worse things that could happen.

Things can change for the worst or the best in a blink of a eye and there’s not much you can do about it besides going with the flow and trying to keep yourself above the water. Fix all those relationships and broken bridges in your life. Those arguments that you can’t seem to get over with a friend or family member aren’t worth it. All that past hurt and anger that are still bottled up inside of you isn’t worth it. Those relationships you just cut off so quickly because of disagreements, the past, or things that hurt you that happened aren’t worth it. The more you hold onto all of that, the more it will only hurt you in the end. Forgive others, not for them but for yourself so you can be free from all the hurt, anger, and sadness. Actually live life. Laugh your heart out. Put down the camera and participate in the moments of life. Capture the moments in your brain so that you can always remember them always, not just when you are looking back at photos. Live in the moment. Live life! This is the only one you have.


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