It’s Time to Face the Facts

This morning I’ve came to the realization my daughter is getting older. I have noticed it obviously before many times but now it’s staring me right in the eye even though I don’t want it to be true.

As usual now, I took my Littles to school and went to Breakfast Club with them and my nephew. When they were finished eating, I was taking them outside to their playgrounds. My daughter was holding my hand and walking close to me. My son was walking with my nephew laughing about a joke they were telling each other. One of my daughters new friends came next to us and my daughter quickly dropped her hand from mine and started going to the playground with her new friend. Normally, she holds my hand, walks with me, and gives me a hug with a big loving goodbye and then I bring my son  to his playground. Today was different. She went off with her friend and when I tried to say goodbye and remind her where to go after school to meet me, she quickly said she knows. There was no goodbye, no hug, no kiss. Nothing. Just a “I know.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy that she made friends and was playing with them. That makes me so unbelievably happy because she’s had a hard time making friends for a long time. It just makes me sad and realize that she really is growing up. She’s not my baby girl any more. When I got home, I went upstairs to turn off the lights my Littles left on. In my daughter’s room, I found all her shorts, skirts, and pants thrown all over her room since of course, she had to find the perfect outfit to wear to school like she always does. She’s always been kind of picky on what she will wear and picks what she thinks is the best outfit herself every day. Sometimes she has changed her clothes 3 times during the whole day because she can’t decide on which one is the best. But this, this was over the top for her. She’s never thrown all her clothes all over and tried on every pants, shorts, and skirts just to find the perfect one. If this isn’t a sign that she is growing up, I must be crazy. I remember taking out every piece of clothing in my closet almost every day trying to find the perfect one I wanted to wear but that was in middle school and high school. She’s only in 3rd grade! I thought this would came later, like way later.

It’s time to face the facts. My daughter is growing up. Both of my Littles are growing up. There’s no stopping it now. I’m beyond scared of what the future holds as my Littles keep getting older but I also have a lot of faith that everything will be okay and work out the way it’s supposed to. I just wish it would slow down. Even just a little bit. I want to snuggle, hold hands, and have fun together with my Littles a little more before they get even older and want nothing to do with me. Slow down Littles.


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