Gentle parenting has been pretty hard for me and well I guess parenting in general has because I had both of my Littles at a young age, had a rough up bringing that has included abuse, and I had no clue how to be a parent. I found out about gentle parenting and it has helped change me for the better in many different ways. Heres a good example with some background: My Littles and I had a dog that we had for a little over a year but had to give her away to a new family due to one of my neighbors and my landlord. Our dog was my Littles only best friend due to getting bullied at school, my emotional support animal for my anxiety and depression, and a big help for my son since their dad has left out of the picture mostly. It’s been extremely hard to not have her around now for my Littles and I. I had been kind of thinking about getting a new small pet that my neighbor and landlord would be okay with and that could help my Littles again. They had enough money from their allowance to get two kittens today for themselves. One kitten was being super hyper and I was able to show my Littles about gentle parenting to the kittens which was pretty awesome. The hyper kitten was attacking everything and my daughter was freaking out scared and feeling very overwhelmed about it so I tried to hold the kitten with my blanket, pet it gently, and cuddle it. Almost instantly, the kitten fell right asleep. My Littles were amazed and said that all the kitten needed was some gentle loving. It really helped reinforce gentle parenting really works and that when my Littles are having a hard time and I’m feeling very overwhelmed with no clue what to do, to try and take step back, calm down, and try to understand with love. Maybe even though I still struggle with parenting and trying to be a gentle peaceful parent and think I’m clueless on most aspects of it, maybe I actually am learning and doing a good job.


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