Yesterday my son, Cruzier, decided to jump on one of our couches and ended up cutting his leg open on a piece of wood that was sticking out on the couch. When his sister came upstairs to tell me he had blood on his leg, I went down in the living room thinking my son just scraped his leg. Nope, I was wrong, completely wrong. Not just a little scrape, it was a full blown cut on my Little’s leg. Freaking out by seeing all the blood and my baby boys face filled with pain, I quickly picked him up and ran to the car with his sister. I raced to the emergency room while freaking out in the inside and trying to calm my Littles on the outside. After two hours, many tears, and a round of kicks given to the doctor and nurses, my son was given about 15 stitches for the first time ever. He is the strongest courageous boy I know and one of my little heros. Thank goodness he is doing a lot better now and it’s looking like his stitches are healing nicely. I would do anything for my Littles and I’m so thankful for them both.



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