Last Day Of Spring Semester

Today is my last day of this Spring semester for college and I couldn’t be any more excited!! I’m extremely nervous though because I haven’t gotten back two of my grades for my finals but I think I did pretty good. So far, I have two A’s and one B- back from three of my finals. I’m praying I did well on the other two. I seriously just want to jump up and down because of my hard work finally paying off. I only have this Summer semester and this Fall semester left and then I get to graduate with my Associates in Criminal Justice!! Woot woot!! I seriously can’t wait to be completely done and have the career I have been trying so hard to get.


One thought on “Last Day Of Spring Semester

  1. cestlavieladypatience says:

    I’ll share in the joy with you! It’s amazing you’re so close to graduation. I have the Fall session to complete and I graduate with an AA. I transfer over to a University in the Spring session while I wait to graduate in May. I’ll just be grateful to have a semester under my belt at Uni. I’m proud of all the current graduates and those to come. I know it hasn’t been easy. So congrats to you!


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