Last Day Of Spring Semester

Today is my last day of this Spring semester for college and I couldn’t be any more excited!! I’m extremely nervous though because I haven’t gotten back two of my grades for my finals but I think I did pretty good. So far, I have two A’s and one B- back from three of my finals. I’m praying I did well on the other two. I seriously just want to jump up and down because of my hard work finally paying off. I only have this Summer semester and this Fall semester left and then I get to graduate with my Associates in Criminal Justice!! Woot woot!! I seriously can’t wait to be completely done and have the career I have been trying so hard to get.


Some Days

Some days are hard, like truly hard. Lately I’ve been having some truly bad days. These days have been some of the worst I’ve had in a while. For some reason, I can’t keep myself out of this funk one bit. My Littles and our dog are the only things that have been keeping my head afloat, even though they have been part of the things stressing me out completely. Don’t get me wrong, I love them very much and they are my whole life. But lately, everything has been so hard. The whining, the arguments, their homework, my homework, finals, our dog making accidents, running out of food, and many more. Please help pray for me to get out of this funk!!