College Jail Tour

Yesterday I went on a jail tour in the city I live for school. There was supposed to be 15 other students that came with but total there were only four of us that showed up. It was definitely an experience.

When we got there, we weren’t sure exactly where to go since there are many doors to come in. The other three students and I sat in the front lobby area trying to calm our nerves about doing the tour. I was nervous because I have anxiety about a lot of things and have seen bad things happen to others when they come into a jail or prison on television, which yes I know is not all real but it is scary. Sitting there on those cold plastic chairs in the jail front lobby with the cold brick tile walls was kind of nerve wrecking for me. Finally after us talking for a while, the Captain came out and was talking with us for a few minutes before he realized that we had our phones on us which he had us go back to our vehicles to put them in. When we came back, he realized we had out purses on us so we had to go back to our vehicles again to put those back. Needless to say, we had to go back to our vehicles four times to put everything back in them since we can’t have anything on us except our ID’s and we didn’t know that. For the tour, we talked for a bit in the briefing room with the Captain as he told us about the jail, his position, other positions in the jail, what the focuses are in the jail, and all the details about the inmates. We got to go in most areas of the jail on the tour and learn new things. It was eye opening for me because I had never been inside of a jail and knew not very much about jails. We all learned about being an correctional officer, life inside of a jail, and the ins and outs of a jail for an officer and an inmate. It was amazing stuff we learned and actually helped me realize that I kind of want to be an correctional officer to help others. The only scary part of being a correctional officer in my opinion would be that you never know what you are going to see that day and encounter. You may see someone murdered, hanging, fighting, or other crazy things that you typically wouldn’t see. It was the most rewarding thing of the Captain to be able to help others get on the right track, to know that you helped someone, and to see that person later on in the future on the right track in life making something of themselves while knowing you helped that happen. Those things inspired me a lot. So you never know, you may see me in the future as a correction officer helping others and making an difference!


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