Amazing Sister & Auntie

Today is my niece Katlyn’s 5th Birthday party. We had it at a gym type thing for littles with tumbling, bounce houses, and a bunch of other tumbling things. It was pretty awesome. My younger sister Samantha came. I’m so happy we got to spend time with her and see her. Now even after the party, we are at my sister Jessica’s home visiting with her too. Samantha is playing with my niece and nephews right now. It’s awesome watching her with them like it is when she plays with my Littles as well. She is such a good sister and auntie. If you ever need anyone to calm down a baby or little, you can always count on her to do it. She’s like a total baby whisperer, seriously. Right now she is in college at a University. I’m so proud of her. She is doing amazing and is so smart. Whenever she puts her mind to something, she always accomplishes it. I love her so much and am so proud to call her my sister!






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