Missing Them

My Littles are gone for most of this week first at my Mom’s and now at their father’s sisters home since they have spring break and I have to go to school. I know they have to be there but I miss them like crazy! It’s so different to not have them right now to take care most of this week since it’s been going on about 8 years now since I’ve had them. It’s always almost been just them and I. I’ve always had to take care of their every need and be there. When they are gone at their fathers home or anywhere else, I’m at a loss kind of on what to do. It’s kind of weird too since normally they sleep in my bed with me most nights. I feel around for them in the morning and they aren’t there. It freaks me out at first until I wake up and realize that they aren’t here right now. I honestly can’t wait for them to come back home at the end of the week.


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