A Letter To My Son

To My Loving Son,
Over the past 6 years, you have grown in tremendous ways. You have became your own person. I’m beyond proud of you. I remember just yesterday when I had given birth to you and seen your cute little pudgy face while thinking I have no clue what to do but knew everything would work its way out since I had you. You’ve changed everything for the better. Over the years, you have helped teach me patience, confidence, respect, and the true meaning of love. You’ve helped show me that it’s okay to ask for help and that if you make a mistake, to always get right back up, apologize, and try better. With you, we are always going on new adventures to the moon, to Batman’s cave, to the scary forest, to the river, and everywhere else. There is not a day that passes that you aren’t teaching your sister, dad, and I something new in a new far away place. I have never met anyone as strong, courageous, loyal, giving, and confident as you. You always think of everyone else first and try to help others. Son, you are my hero in every way. I’m so happy that we have built our relationship up more and are closer than ever. I love you so much Son.



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