Current Situation

I was there for most of my sisters pregnancy with my newest nephew, Miko. When she had troubles and joys in her pregnancy, I was there. Eventually when she went into labor, I was there for the whole labor and birth which was the first time I’ve ever seen anyone in labor or having birth besides myself when I had my littles. It was the most amazing precious beautiful moment I have ever witnessed. I’m so blessed to have been there to see that moment.

Miko is almost 6 weeks old now. I’ve seen him grow up the little bit that he has since he’s been born. I’ve been there for the ups and downs and new adventures. Miko has had a bunch of new milestones already such as him learning how to hold his head up, sleeping more through the night, and many more. I’m more attached to him than ever. He’s such a good little baby boy.

It’s been very hard with Miko for the two weeks. Last week Thursday night he got admitted into the hospital for RSV. He was having a lot of troubles breathing. It was heartbreaking completely to see him in the hospital struggling to breathe. He got a little better and came back home only to go back to the hospital because he couldn’t breathe again. Finally after a day or two again, he was feeling better and could come home.

Now this week I’ve been babysitting him for my sister since she has to work. The first day watching him was a breeze. My Littles were at school when I was watching him so I was able to spend some quality time with Miko and have my dog follow us around since she was jealous and curious. Wednesday to today, my Littles don’t have school since it’s parent teacher conferences. So now it’s Miko, my two Littles, my dog, and myself at home which is a complete handful. My Littles are older so they help out a bit but they also get into a lot and need a lot too. It’s constant whining, crying, yelling, fighting, and tattle telling with them which is driving me completely up the wall. Every time I get my nephew calmed down or sleeping, my Littles pop up with needing something or being loud or telling me something. I had a little bit of baby fever. Now, it’s completely gone and I mean completely. I can feel my uterus wanting to run out into incoming traffic. Don’t get me wrong though, I love my nephew, my Littles, and my dog but too much is too much.

Today is the past day I will be babysitting Miko. I will miss it and miss him. I’ll still be seeing him often but it was nice at times to spend this quality time with him. He is such a good baby. I love him and am very attached to him. It was also nice to know for sure now with some more experience that I’m at my limit for littles right now.


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