A Huge Difference



I have anxiety, depression, and ADD. I absolutely suck at taking my medications for them. I kept being on them and then forgetting so I’d end up not taking them for a while like a few days or weeks. When I’d do that, I’d feel like complete shit. I wouldn’t want to do anything. I would stay in my room and cry constantly and also go about doing what I had to do like going to school and taking care of my littles. I was very unhappy and depressed.

I had forgotten to take my medications for a few days recently and just started taking them again Tuesday. It was really crappy when I wasn’t taking them. Tuesday when I took them, they weren’t completely in my system yet so I was still feeling crappy. I’ve been taking them every day since, which may seem small to you since it’s only been two days but it’s a big accomplishment to me. I feel amazing now that my medications are in my system! They really do make a HUGE difference! Today is proof of that. This morning, my littles and I had a kind of easy morning. At school for all of us, it went well. Since we’ve been home after school, it’s been good. I’m calmer and more focused so that makes my littles way more calmer and focused. I’m happy and so are they. I even made breakfast for dinner, our favorite. Both littles and I had such a good day so far.


6 thoughts on “A Huge Difference

  1. PositivelyUnbroken says:

    You could set an alarm on your phone or computer to remind you to take your medication. I have started taking my heart meds with my first coffee in the morning. Otherwise, I forget…. :-/

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