Day #3 Of Trying New Things To Help My Littles

Day #3 Of Trying New Things To Help My Littles:

Yesterday I stayed up a long time looking up different things on Pinterest (life saver!!!) thar could help my littles with what they are both going through. I found a lot but wasn’t sure if any of it would work. I decided to try some things out anyways. It never hurts to try.

One thing we did was make calm down jars. We were looking for plastic jars with big openings but couldn’t find any so we used small canning jars. We put about half a bottle of glitter glue in the jar, filled the jar mostly up to the top but still had room for them to shake it, for my daughter we put little barbie figurines in them, for my son we put three little cars in them, some regular glitter, and a few drops of color dye in them. I super glued them shut after that. Now they are able to shake their jars when they are feeling angry, sad, nervous, etc and watch the glitter and the items in their jars settle to help calm them down!

We also made another thing that has helped both of my littles. We got some play dough and some balloons. They got to pick out the colors. I held open the balloons with my fingers and they put a ball of play dough inside of it. Then I opened another balloon and they put the balloon with the play dough in it in that one. Then I tied it up. When my littles are feeling nervous, angry, sad, etc they can hold their squishy ball and squeeze it to help them calm down.

Another thing was we put together calm down packages for both of them. We used small cloth covered bins and filled them with things to help calm them down with any big feelings they have. We put their calm down jars and their squishy balls in there along with a small notebook with a pen, a small coloring book with mess free markers, some healthy snacks, and a few small toys fort them.

We used their calm down packages in the car tonight and they really helped when my littles were having some big feelings that they didn’t know how to express or release.


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