Full Day #1 Of Trying New Things To Help My Littles

Full Day #1 Of Trying New Things To Help My Littles:

This whole week my son has came home with reports of bad choices, fights, lots of anger, etc. Except today!!!! What we tried this morning helped a million.

Now here is what we tried:
We all had a shake with vanilla whey, banana, and milk in it to get enough protein and show my son he isn’t alone in this. Both littles loved it!

Both littles had their new daily vitamins. They love them since they are chewy and yummy.

My son had a new herbal supplement. It’s called Focus For Children. It’s grape and chewable. He took it no problem.

We used our essential oil calming mix diluted with water body spray on both littles. They like the smell.

I was super nervous picking my littles up from school but when I did, my son told me that he had a great day with no bad choices and no accidents. I double checked his behavior notebook and yup, sure enough, he had an amazing day!! He had no issues, no fights, no accident, or anything!! I’m so proud of him!! We got this!!


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