Creativity At It’s Finest

My daughter is the most creative person I know.

I just walked past her room and peaked my head in.

Before she went to bed finally, I guess she decided to redecorate her wall by her bed. Instead of just her posters and wall stickers being up like normally by her bed, she has hung up her purse, her favorite dress, her lanyard with key chains, her mini puppy cage with the puppy inside of it, and pretty pictures she drew. All hung up by the nails that were already in her wall from the posters. Her favorite dress is hanging up pretty high on her wall in the air hooked on to a nail.

Ju-Ju Bean has the best imagination and decor skills that I have ever seen. She may have to decorate my room.
#loveher #creativealltheway #dontknowwhoshegetsitfrom


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