Adventures on the Public Bus

Since last month, I’ve been having to ride the public bus in town to get to school and where I need to go since my car was totaled in a wreck.

I have noticed a lot since I’ve started riding the public bus.

I’ve noticed that some people think it’s acceptable to “pet” other’s hair.. This has happened to me twice now. I was sitting in a seat facing forward looking out the front window of the bus towards the middle of the bus both times. My hair was down the first time. I then felt someone touching my hair a few times in a row. Now me, who hates being touched and having my hair touched, kind of freaked out. I tried not to but I happened to say “what the f***” because I was freaked out and shocked and turned around to see who it was. It was a little tiny woman that was maybe in her 60’s or 70’s. When I turned around at her, she happened to be smiling at me and had her hand still out. I tried not to freak out so I smiled and moved seats. The second time, it was a man that “petted” my hair. He even said it was soft. Again, I was shocked and said “what the f***,” looked back, and moved seats. Maybe I’m the only one that knows that we shouldn’t be just going around “petting” other’s hair.

I have witnessed a few people picking their noses and instead of eating their new treat that they found on their fingers after picking their noses like littles do, they decided to either put it on the seat next to them or under their seat. Otherwise, I’ve always seen two people wiping their new little treat on the person sitting next to them when they were turned. Talk about being disgusted.

I’ve seen others treat others differently based on the color of their skin. I thought maybe it was because of them judging the person maybe on what they were wearing or because they knew the person and didn’t like them.. but then I heard a few times people saying things such as “don’t you dare come near me n*****” and someone voicing their ignorant concern about having someone that looks, in their loud vocal opinion, from Afghanistan and could be someone that would be a terrorist. I don’t agree with any of that ignorant crap so I let the person that they were saying that about sit next to me.

I have seen people laugh at a innocent older man that fell in the snow as we drove past them. I was heart broken and wanted to stop to help them.

I have seen a young mother get on the bus with her two young littles in their double stroller in the winter after walking for a while in the cold. The young mother amazed me because she was calm and collected, nurturing to her littles, and loving. It just amazed me because I used to have to walk around with my littles when they were little and had to take the bus before and was so irritated and stressed with everything that I wasn’t nearly as calm or nurturing as that mother was.

I have to get on the bus in a few minutes to get home from school. Now I wonder what other adventures I will see on the bus. Wish me luck.


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