Something that I have been learning a lot about in the classes I am in this semester is about laws such as why we have them, how would it be without them, and the importance of them.

Could you imagine life without laws?

I personally can’t. Laws are around the set the standard for others and keep society in check. Laws tell us what we can do and can’t do. They help make keep our society functioning.

Imagine going to Mexico or Iraq or somewhere similar. They don’t have laws like us. It is chaos all the time there. Even if someone robs you in Mexico and you call the police, maybe one police officer would show up many hours later or the next day and not even care. They don’t care over there. There is so much crime that they can’t simply keep a handle on all of it. There are robbing, murdering, shooting, etc. going on constantly and no one is doing anything about it. It’s you for yourself. You have to stand up for yourself and can’t call on the police to come help or anything.

I honestly couldn’t imagine living any where else than the United States. Yes, there a bunch of laws that every one has to follow that can be a pain sometimes and some people don’t care about the laws at all, but without the laws here, society would be complete chaos. There would be robbing, shooting, hurting others, sexual assault, murders, etc. constantly all over. We wouldn’t be able to let our little’s out of our sight at all.

The laws are set in place to protect others, set a standard for society to follow, and help keep society in check.


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