Can’t Let Go

I thought things were going good. I thought we were on the same page and going for the same thing: a team as parents for our littles and working on things for us all to be together again as a family.

I guess I was wrong though.

Everyone is telling me my littles and I deserve better. They are telling me to let go and move on. They are telling me that some other man is out there for me just waiting to meet me and will treat my littles and I the way we are supposed to be treated.

But I can’t let go. I can’t give up yet.

I have to try my hardest so when my littles ask when they get older, I can tell them I tried with all my might to keep us together as a family. That I tried to give them the family they deserve and so desperately want. That I tried to give us all what we want and deserve.


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