Amazed on the Bus

Today I was amazed by something so simple. I was on the bus to go home from school. We were pulling up to a bus stop on a busy road that is across from my littles old daycare. I looked out the window and seen a young woman with one little girl in a stroller and a little boy next to the woman. They got on the bus and sat in front a seat away from me. The young woman was so gentle, soothing, and nurturing to the littles. The littles started looking at me so I commented on how cute they are. The young woman and I talked a little bit. They are her littles and are 3 years old and 2 years old. They were such cute kids and she was such a good mom.

Normally I don’t talk to anyone on the bus or pay attention to anyone. This time I just felt a need to talk to this woman. She was so nice and such a good mom. It was very nice to see a mom be like that with her littles when I am trying to be like more gentle and positive parenting with my littles.


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