Yell Free Challenge Day 1

I’m currently doing a Yell Free Challenge for the better of myself and my littles. I’ve tried doing this before and was able to not yell for a while, I think the longest was 3 weeks. Now I’m trying it again!

I first found out about this Yell Free Challenge on The Orange Rhino website and on their Facebook page. It started with a woman who had been busted by her handyman yelling at her kids. She felt the same way I do when I yell at my littles and also when I get caught yelling at them. Her experience with yelling is similar to mine with my littles. She decided to be yell free for 365 days which turned into the Yell Free Challenge. She actually lasted longer than that! On her website and Facebook page, she posts lots of tips, advice, and encouragement on how you can join her Yell Free Challenge. There are even groups on Facebook that are all about the Yell Free Challenge with people that are going through the same challenge that you are to better your life for yourself and your littles.

Today is day 1 for me since I just started again. And guess what?! I didn’t yell once today!! Whoop whoop!! I got this!!

Feel free to join me on the Yell Free Challenge or follow along with my Yell Free Challenge! I will be posting updates on my journey on my Yell Free Challenge!


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