God Parents and Communication

My littles’ father and I tried to decide who their God Parents are going to be.. it was meant to be a discussion.. but ended up to be just one person saying something and that was supposed to be the decision. Funny thing is though, that is doesn’t work like that with communication or with being parents to our littles. It is not a debate or someone ruling every thing when we are talking about an important matter in our littles’ lives. Communication is supposed to be key in every relationship whether it be a romantic one, parenting one, or job one. But how do you communicate with someone that doesn’t want to communicate with you except that what they said is the one and only final answer that we are allowed to make and anything else is well, plain old dumb? Kind of over this plain old dumb communication that isn’t really communication at all! So now I am taking a break, will re discuss the God Parents matter another time, and will let it fly off my shoulders for now before I get any more irritated. Maybe our littles will have 3 God mothers, who knows. All I know is that I will have a say in the matter and will not just give thst position to just anyone.


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