Depression is such a life sucker out of anyone that suffers from it. I will admit, I’m one of them. After I had my son, Little #2, I had noticed I wasn’t myself at all. I was always sad, super emotional, never wanted to get out of bed, hated everyone and everything, and was extremely unhappy. Life was miserable. I tried to make it better by pushing myself to get up, stay active, and try to enjoy things but no matter what, it didn’t help. After my son became a little older, the postpartum depression got better and so did our relationship. I had started seeing how big he was getting and all the new things he was learning how to do. It showed me how much I missed because of the postpartum depression. I was physically there but not emotionally there or on a level I should have been on for my littles as a parent because of the postpartum depression and regular depression. Finally I went to the doctors one day and talked with my doctor. I explained something was wrong with me and I needed some help. We talked for a long time and she understood. She helped me with new techniques, suggested an amazing therapy place which I still go to, and put me on some medication that has greatly helped. I felt like I was getting better so I had stopped taking it as regularly recently and holy moly, it has been horrible for me. It’s like the depression took all over my whole life again and is holding me back with its big huge self. I hate it. I took my medications today and I can already tell the difference. I feel like the better self of myself all over again!


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