A Man

My son, Little #2, lives with his sister and I. He sees us do our nails, do our hair, wear jewelry, etc and every time, he wants to do the same. I don’t see the problem with it really except as long as he is doing it here in the house with us. When he was younger, he always wanted his nails painted like us so I would sometimes do it. People would get mad, including their father. I understand that he is a boy but when he grows up mainly around girls, what do you expect? He knows he is a boy and doing nails and some things that we do are girl things to do. He doesn’t care. He likes it. He loves all the colors. We are not turning him gay or into a woman. He can do what he likes to do as long as he is not hurting others and is happy. Their father disagrees. I kind of could care less in a way but then again it pisses me off. We shouldn’t be worrying about whether this and that are girl or boy things. We should be letting our littles do what makes them happy that is safe and not hurting others. Our son is almost 6 years old. He will be 6 in three days. He is a little. He is not grown. He is not a man. He is still learning, growing, and should be able to do things that make him happy, not doing what makes others happy.

My son is learning things from his sister and I when he should really be learning some, well more like most, from a man. From their father. On how to be a man, what boys do, how to do things, etc. It’s not my fault that their father is not here right now to teach him these things and that he was only fully around for a little under a year when he was living with us. It’s not my fault that he is learning things from his sister and I. I’m sorry I don’t know boy things or how to be a man or what they can or can’t do. I personally think that boys can do whatever they want if they want, just like a girl can as long as it doesn’t harm others and is safe. Gender shouldn’t play a part in the decision whether people can or can’t do things. Call me crazy if you’d like, but that’s what I believe. If someone else has a problem with it, then maybe someone else should be here helping teach him how to be a man, what boys do, and such besides every other weekend.


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