007/365 Project

007/365 Project


This picture says it all for today. Completely all of it. Today my littles’ school was closed due to the weather. We had to stay home for majority of the day. I swear, all three of us woke up on the wrong side of the bed though! Today was horrible 10x than most days. Both littles were not happy most of the day, were super crabby, and threw the most fits than normal. It was a hard day. Little #2 and I had to have numerous time outs to ourselves to calm both of us down before acting again. I tried to get both littles to lay down for bed at 7, since that’s their bed time and we thought that they had school tomorrow but nope. No school tomorrow as well. Both littles were completely beyond tired and actually passed out, not on time but close enough. I’m about to pass out myself too. I’ve had enough of today. Completely enough. We are pooped out and can’t wait to try again tomorrow! Pray for us please that we survive tomorrow as well and actually can get it together.


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