Home Schooling Decision

Both of my littles used to love school. Completely and utterly love it, even more than being at home. Now it’s came to an end thanks to kids bullying them at school. It really sucks.

But then again it has brought us to a new decision, that isn’t set in stone yet, that we absolutely are all for right now after doing a lot of research!


We are excited about it! I’m thinking we can start it after this school year. Little #1 will be in 3rd grade and Little #2 will be in 1st grade. I’ve looked into the co-ops around here and am very interested in one that offers lots of classes for low fees such as Lego class, American Girl History, sign language, reading, Minecraft classes, drum lessons, math, etc. I’ve also looked into Christian curriculums thst we like that could work for us. There are also home school groups that get together for play dates and places where you can go on field trips such as the museum. I think this will be the best decision for us! Plus, I can still go to school because my college has online classes for me to take!

It took us a lot to get to this decision and even though it isn’t set in stone yet, I think it would be the best for us.

I’m beyond excited for starting this new schooling journey with my littles!


24 thoughts on “Home Schooling Decision

  1. PositivelyUnbroken says:

    There are increasing numbers of online resources for kids as well. Be sure to research those options as you are preparing your plan. Good luck!

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  2. marlab412 says:

    I promise you won’t regret your decision! My kids were being bullied as we well and we pulled them out at the same age as yours and didn’t look back once πŸ™‚ They have thrived more than ever! It sounds like you have a lot of good resources available to you as well πŸ™‚ Good luck!

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    • TheMommyDiaries says:

      Thank you! I truly hope it’s the best decision. Kind of hard to make sure a big decision like this and to make sure it’s the best one for us. I hope our experience with home schooling is like yours!


  3. John C. Preiss says:

    My wife and I homeschool our 7 children. (Well 4 of the seven) would not do it any other way. It is difficult at times especially with the little ones but the older children can do alot of the work on their own. We also do a Christian based curriculm and our goal is to raise Godly children. My wife graduated from a homeschool organization and i graduated from a public school. Homeschooling also will free up your schedule to do other things and instead of your children going on field trips with other children they go with you and create a family bond. Its been awesome and the children love it. I constantly tell them how fortunate they are to be able to do this.


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