Daily Bible Reading

For Christmas, my littles received Bibles for Christmas from Santa (really from my mom) since Bibles were the first thing on their Christmas lists!

Yesterday they received the Bibles. They were beyond excited! The Bibles are kids ones but has all the same things in my Bible along with things for kids.


Their Bibles!!

Now I’ve seen a few things about reading the Bible in a year with your kids so we have started reading a portion every day. Today is only our second day but we are on Genesis 2:1 so far! After the portion we read for the day, we discuss what we learned and also read the little kid side discussion parts.

I’ve read part of the Bible when I was younger and going to youth group but don’t remember much so now it is so nice to be doing this with my littles to be learning along with them. Excited to finish reading the Bible with my littles and learn more!


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