The Versatile Blogger Award


I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Matriarch Of Nerds and I couldn’t be happier! This is my first award, and I am so excited to have received this award from her because she is such a good blogger and I’m always reading her blog! She’s such a good writer and I look up to her a lot. She writes about her daily life including the ups and downs with her four children that differ in ages from a toddler to an adult, her struggles, and her journey in life. Reading her blog helps show me that we are not alone in our struggles and how to enjoy the ride on our journeys. I highly recommend Matriarch of Nerds to anyone wanting to be inspired, interested in supporting someone on their journey, and wants to relate with someone almost every step of the way.

There are a few guidelines when it comes to this reward.

1. Show the award on your blog.
2. Thank the person who nominated you.
3. Share seven facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 blogs (I’m only doing 9)
5. Link your nominee’s blogs & let them know.

Seven Facts
* I have a big huge family.
* I used to be scared of dogs but now love them!
* I love to sing my heart out and dance like crazy but kind of suck at both.
* I want to do foster care in a few years to help youth.
* I have one sibling that is like my mother figure, best friend, and sibling all wrapped into one.
* I want to travel and learn all about everything all over the world.
* I believe in happily ever after but don’t know if it will ever happen to me.

My Nominations

* Fostering Hope– I absolutely love reading this blog on their journey in life with foster care, adoption, parenting, marriage, family, and everything else in between. They share their joys, accomplishments, struggles, sadness, thoughts, and new adventures.

* Nurturing Insanity– This blog is amazing. Full of their journey with homeschooling, positive parenting, and life. I love it. This blog inspires me every time I read it to do better and I always love to learn new ways of parenting and schooling for my littles.

* YOUNG & TWENTY– Love this blog in every way. Lots of funny real posts all over her blog. Awesome read!

* Today’s Dose of Sanity– I always enjoy reading this blog. It’s so full of life with all the ups and downs. I can always relate and that’s so nice to do when you can connect with someone’s writing.

* Running After Ale– This blog is all about her life with her toddler and their adventures. You will become breathless with her reading all of her posts on their adventures. Very fun blog to read.

* mom with the blog– She shares her journey as in motherhood, wifehood, and womanhood. It’s full of laughs and posts that you can relate to. One of the best blogs to read.

* genxmomma– I love reading this blog. Full of her honest realness in all her posts.
* REBEL THIS– This blog always has awesome new ideas to try to help you organize and try new things for parenthood and in your life. Love trying out the new things that she posts about.

* Bloom Where You Are Planted– She posts a lot of different posts but my favorite of hers would be her recipes! They are so good. I’ve only tried out two so far but wow, they were amazing!  

I’ve only nominated 9 blogs and u understand if everyone doesn’t want to participate that I nominated. I nominated these 9 blogs because I truly love them and am happy to encourage everyone to check them out.

Thank you to everyone for inspiring me, encouraging me, and being an amazing supporter! It is truly an honor to be nominated myself and I hope you all enjoy my blog and to be nominated as well!


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