Around June or July of this past summer, 2014, I was very lonely, depressed, and going through a lot with my littles and their father. I decided I wanted a pet. I was thinking about what kind of pet to get. I really wanted a pet that would lay with me, be able to play with us, and would like to spend time with us. I’ve had cats, fish, and a rabbit before. I’ve tried to have a dog before but was living in a itty bitty 2 bedroom apartment with my littles and didn’t have enough room for her so had to get rid of her. I decided I wanted a dog again since now we had a bigger place now with three floors and a small backyard and also a small front yard. Once I say something that I’m going to do it, I do it to the fullest no matter what anyone says or thinks. So i began looking all over groups on Facebook and Craigslist for a dog. I seen numerous dogs that I thought would be a good dog for my family. But then I seen her. Her name is Molly. She was on a group on Facebook that I’m apart of. When my little’s and I met her, we fell in love that day with her. She was a little nervous we could tell but friendly and came up to us to smell us. The previous owners told us about her and we got to pet her. We got her the same day. It was instant love. Not really at first with her and my little’s father because she has a problem with men but she has came around to him for the most part now. She instantly became my littles and my best friend. Her and I instantly had the best bond ever. She follows me around any where I go inside or outside. Molly is always sleeping in my bed with me being a total bed hog. Anywhere I go, she has to go, even if I’m going in the bathroom or the shower. My littles and her are so close. They are always playing games together and laying together. Molly has helped save my littles, their father, and I. She is the perfect dog for us and is a part of our family. We’ve been through a lot with her because of our crazy neighbor but Molly is the best. She always is there exactly when we need her, never leaves our sides, and has saved us even though we thought we were saving her.

Before we got Molly, I was very depressed. I didn’t want to get out of bed ever really and was mad at everything and everyone. I was so tired of everyone leaving my life for whatever reason and just leaving me suffering and hurting. I was pretty sure the relationship I was in with my littles’ father was going to end soon since we were going through a hard time and I was convinced he was going to leave us soon again like in the past. I didn’t know how to handle that but it was always in my head so I was so mad and hurt and would do anything and everything to try to push him away before he could push us away and leave us again. I was at my wits end with my littles, their father, and everything in life. I was feeling stuck in life and in the depression I was in. I would get out of bed to take care of my littles’ needs but would go right back up to my bed right after their needs were met. My family was going through a hard time with some issues and still are. My little sister Molly was greatly affected by the issues that were happening. I wasn’t sure I would be able to see her again for a very long time or be able to see my other sisters for a long time as well. My sister and I were pretty close as we got older. I wasn’t the good older sister to her as I should be and didn’t really know how to be. I was devastated that there was was a chance I wouldn’t be able to see my little sister Molly again or my other sisters.

After we got Molly, I was motivated in a big way to exactly get up out of bed every day now because Molly had to go outside to go potty every day all day and had needs that had to be met. My littles had needs too that would always be met between my littles’ father and I but now this was a big change to be up all day with them and Molly. I was smiling more for the first time in years. I actually had the motivation to do things, like to active such as cooking and playing with my littles. I was starting to be happy. My littles were happy. Their father was more active with us and Molly. He was very supportive and helped out a lot. I was working my way through things about what was going on with my family and the issues they were going through. Having Molly was a perfect way to help that in a lot of ways. I still felt connected to my little sister Molly since I had my dog Molly. I was no longer depressed about that. Even my doctors and therapist seen the change in me. Things were going very well.

After things went bad towards their father and I, Molly was still there for us. She still remained by our sides and still cared for us. Every day, she is there for us. Every night we can count on her to be there in one of our beds, mostly mine, sleeping with us. She is the best dog ever.

Molly had a great impact in our lives. I’m so thankful for her being in our lives and helping save us.





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