God Parents

How do you pick your God parents for your littles? Why do you? What are they for?


4 thoughts on “God Parents

  1. Apparently a Mom says:

    We didnt pick god parents because i wasnt baptised and my boyfriend doesnt practice although he was baptised.

    The god parents are suppose to be parents of the spiritual sense (as far as i understand it). People who are also active in a church, etc. Who can help guide your littles on their religious and spiritual journey. Often times they are also the ones who (god forbid) anything happens to the biological parents unless otherwise stated are the ones who become the guardians. For this reason generally people pick a couple that they love and trust, even family members. It isnt necessary, you should always have a will to disclose your wishes for your children either way.

    I was asked to be a god mother but they later changed their minds. I was heart broken. It meant a lot to me. Like i said though. It doesnt make sense since im not baptised and it is suppose to be a religious thing.


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