Boys and Girls

Boys and Girls

I’m sick of hearing from others that boys and girls can’t do this this and this. They can do whatever they want that is safe.

My little, Little #2 wanted his nails painted like his sister, Little #1, and I. Him, his father, and I compromised to painting his toe nails instead of his finger nails and toe nails. I posted a picture of his toe nails with his incredibly big smile and got a bunch of rude gender stereotype comments about it. I was honestly astonished.                                       
I was told I was turning my son is to a girl. Lol I laughed at that one. Simply because my son can do whatever he’d like to do with his body as long as it’s safe and he can chose what he wants to to do with it. If he wants to dye his hair bright purple when he is a little older, I will let him. I will help him pick out a gentle environmental safe dye to do it and will support him. Him getting his nails painted or dying his hair isn’t hurting anyone so there’s no reason why he can’t.

I posted a question on a page about my son, Little #2, wanting to get his ears pierced just like his sister, Little #1, and I have ours pierced. I got the rudest comments. Now I could care less what others say or think, it’s not their decision and I was just curious if anyone has a 6 year old boy with his ears pierced. I just thought it was crazy to read some of the comments I read about it. I was going to let him get little diamond studs like he wanted as long as he helps take care of them and really wants them done. We still haven’t completely decided yet or not but we will be soon based on my son’s want for them, his commitment to helping clean them with me, and if he is going to continue taking care of himself.

Recently I posted a picture of my daughter, Little #1, playing pictures with a bunch of cars. Someone told me I needed to take away the cars and make her play with barbies, baby dolls, and girly things. Um nope. Screw you. If my daughter wants to play with cars, army toys, or any boy toys, I’m going to let her. It’s her decision and her playing with cars or boys toys or anything does not make her any less of a girl. She has always loved playing with cars since her father gave her some of his old cars when she was younger. It calms her down. It helps build up her imagination. I’m not going to stop her.

Now she is getting into Legos. She is obsessed with the Lego movie. I just got them signed up for receiving the free Lego magazines monthly. My littles have no clue yet but I’m so excited about them finding out! I’m not going to make my daughter loving anything that is completely harmless.

My littles are exactly that, littles. I’m not going to prevent them from trying new things that are safe, using their imagination, expressing themselves, or doing things that they love that don’t harm anyone.

If someone doesn’t like it, I could honestly care less. Just have the respect for others when and if you decide to express your opinion, as these are littles. They don’t need or deserve your ignorant judgment. They are littles. They can express themselves, use their imagination, and do things that they can love that safe. If someone decides to be judgemental towards my littles, they should be very prepared that I will come and handle the situation. The rude judgemental comments from others didn’t really affect me from others about these topics because these comments were directed at me, not towards my innocent littles and I’m a big girl and understand that not everyone will have the same opinions. But it did sadden me to hear all that in a way because I know most littles are products of their environments and if they hear their parents saying that stuff or taking actions about that stuff or the way they act about that stuff, I know that the other littles might act like that towards my littles just because of what they were taught or seen about that stuff.


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