Royally Sucked

Today didn’t go as expected in any way. I tried. I really did. I know my littles did too. It just didn’t go as planned in any way.

I’m kind of sad and mad at myself that it didn’t.

Little #2 was making horrible choices all day. He was just being so mean, aggressive, and so angry. He was hitting me, throwing anything and everything at me, and yelling at me about every single thing. He wouldn’t do anything that I asked him to do or tried to encourage him to do. Any thing I said to him, he screamed to me about it.

The whole big picture that he was upset about was that he wanted his dad. I get that and completely understand that. It’s a hard thing when their dad was living with us for a year and now has not been living here since July. But their dad is still there for them. He works a lot but always answers his phone and sees them not all the time but often. Little #2 is so full of anger, sadness, and hurt because of that and because he blames me for why their dad is gone. No matter what I do, he’s always mad at me. And we are talking about a almost 6 year old boy!! This is so much that he carries on his shoulders and deals with inside all the time. I don’t know how to help! I talked to their dad about moving back and he agreed and said maybe in a few months which seems like forever.

And now Little #1 was being pretty good but wanted my attention constantly as her brother was hitting me and throwing things at me and such so it was really hard to give her that.

Today and tonight sucked. Royally.
But I know tomorrow we will put our best foots forward and it will be good. It has to be.


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