New Years Resolutions

As the New Year approaches very quickly, I’m seeing a bunch of people post their new years resolutions all over Facebook and here. As I read some of them and even came up with some myself, I can’t help but laugh. Because as a mother to my littles, some of the resolutions I see and have made are completely ridiculous to myself.

Here are some new years resolutions I made myself before for this new year.

The truth is: I have littles. Two of them.

That makes some of these resolutions impossible. It truly does. Some are on point but some are just ridiculous as a mother to my littles.

So here are my real realistic new years resolutions:
1. Brush my hair at least once a week. I know it seems stupid but I forget after struggling to get my littles ready for the day every single day.

2. Take a shower at least two times a week. Showers seem impossible. My littles always pop up when I’m in the shower or about to take one that someone is hurt or something is broken or they need something ASAP even something as small as a kleenex that is sitting on the table for them to grab whenever.

3. Eat some real food myself. Instead of snacking a few times a day on real food because of running around with my littles constantly, I should try at least to sit down and eat a meal.

4. Try to clean at least one thing a day. Maybe small to you but I can never seem to catch up on the cleaning from being so busy with my littles.

Those are my mother realistic new years resolutions! 


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