My Sister: Jessica

My sister Jessica is an amazing woman.


My sister Jessica and I

She has always been there for me. Even when we were little, she would always take care of me and be a mother figure to me. She would always make sure I was okay and help me with whatever I needed even at times since I’ve been older that I didn’t really deserve it.

I’ve always looked up to her ever since we were little. I wanted to be just like her. She was always the prettiest, smartest, funniest, and better at everything than I was. I always tried to be just like her. I still even do sometimes now. Everything about her is everything I want to be myself. I used to do everything like her, follow her around constantly, and try to be just like her for a long time growing up together.

She’s always been like a mom to me. Anytime I needed something, I went to her. Anytime I needed someone to talk to, I went to her. Anytime I felt alone or didn’t know what to do, I went to her. When we were little, she would cook for me and make sure I ate. She would make sure I was taken care of. Even in foster care, she would take care of me. Jessica has always been more than a sister to me. She’s been my rock, my protector, my security blanket, my sister, my best friend, a mom figure all wrapped into one.
Jessica is one of the best mom’s I know. She always puts her littles first and tries to do what’s best for them no matter what. Even when she is pulling out her hair and has no clue what to do next, she is always there for her littles.

She is one of the best sisters I know. I’m blessed to be able to call her my sister. She has taught me almost everything, been there, and showed me what it’s like in the real world.

My sister Jessica is the best.


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