We have survived a few days of my littles’ Christmas break, thank goodness. Have to admit that after the first few hours of the first day and after a few days, all I wanted was my littles to go back to school! They were driving me insane in the membrane about everything!

But I’m thankful we have had this time together. I really am. It was much needed even though I tended to disagree most of the time with that.

This Christmas break for my littles has been full of movie watching, singing totally off key, dancing like maniacs around the house, cutting up paper into millions of little pieces, making a bunch of snow flakes, decorating Christmas cookies for us and Santa, bouncing on everything, arguing about everything imaginable, trying very hard to actually sleep in for once, chasing Molly our dog around the house, spending some quality time with my sister and niece and nephew, reading millions of books, cleaning so much actually thought my hands were going to fall off, eating junk food, trying to make new foods but didn’t turn out very well, yelling back and forth, so much apologizing, breaking a wine glass for a purpose, wishing we were all at school, babysitting to help others, babysitting to get rid of my baby fever which quickly disappeared, trying to hide the presents as much as possible, trying to decently wrap the presents, doing the dishes for the umpteenth millionth time ever, taking showers and baths just to relax instead of get clean, watching old disney movies that hasn’t been watched by us in years, finding the Elf on the Shelf, and many more!


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