Christmas 2014

This Christmas has been one of the best ones yet! Santa wasn’t able to wrap every present but did get most of the presents my littles wanted and more. Their dad even got to stay the night and watch them open all the presents this morning with my mom and my step dad. Christmas didn’t go quite as planned but it was definitely one of the best ones yet. After we opened the presents and stockings from Santa and my mom and step dad, Molly our dog got to open up her presents from Santa as well in her stockings! I even got to open up a few presents myself too. Now my littles are having Christmas at their dads with his family and I’m having Christmas with my sister, niece, and nephew with my mom and step dad as well here. We even got to have taco dip! Yum! My littles and I also got toys for three children ages 3 months, 1 year old, and 12 years old for Christmas from the Angel Tree that the Salvation Army does every year in the mall. I really hope that they enjoy their presents this morning as well.  One of the best Christmases goes down in history! 


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