It’s crazy to see what others do for their littles and so called love like dealing with the father of the little who is not worthy of them, dealing with people that are toxic, and dealing with the drama from others.

I will admit that I’ve there. I dealt with a lot from others just because I thought they’d change, of my littles, and I didn’t think I deserved any better.

I’ve dealt with someone choosing their so called friends and drugs over my littles and I. With someone that choose partying and being in the young care free lifestyle over us. With someone that completely took advantage of me because they knew I was struggling as a single mom and was young. With someone who treated us like crap but I thought that they’d grow up and change. With someone that was completely disrespectful towards us for no reason at all.

I’ve dealt with a lot.

But now I know what I’m worth and will never deal with all of that again.

I pray that those that are dealing with any of that, that they can hopefully soon see their worth and realize that they deserve way better.


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