Isn’t Important

Another thing that is driving me insane today that someone I love told me tonight, since I’m kind of on a rampage and that last post felt good as hell to get out.

My littles.

Someone saying right now at this point, your kids and your schooling is not important right now, the new baby of your sister is so that she doesn’t go into labor early so this person suggested that my sister not help me out with rides for school for my kids and I or rides for my kids to get them where they need to go.

That’s driving me crazy.

Seriously. It really is.

See, I completely understand that the new baby is important. The new baby is. Very important.

I can also see how maybe rides can stop because it’s not good for her to be in the car doing things when she is supposed to be taking it easy. I get that. I can find a new way to get places like I have been.

But that shouldn’t mean that my littles aren’t important. Shouldn’t meant that my littles are less important than the new baby. They are equal. They should be equal. Yes a new baby needs more care, more love, more attention but that in no shape or form means that my littles are not important.

That really pisses me off. My littles are my everything. Seriously. Without them, I’d be nothing. They make me want to do better in life for them, to make a difference,  to actually wake up in the morning, to have hope and faith. They have changed my life.

And for someone to say that they aren’t important, is like a huge slap in the face and makes me question that person. Now parents out there, if someone you loved said that to you, that your littles aren’t important, just the new baby is, what would you do? How would you feel? I bet pretty pissed off youself.


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