How I am Feeling

Today I am so nervous, anxious, excited, and worried.

Nervous because I just took a final in my Intro to Criminal Justice class and I wasn’t as prepared as I should be. I’m nervous about how I did. I knew I shouldn’t have studied but I couldn’t really and wasn’t as motivated to do so. If I pass, I will be so thankful. If I don’t, I will take ownership of that and know to work harder next time.

Anxious because my little’s Christmas programs are today and I have to make sure I’m there. I’m trying to get on the bus on time, well actually both of the bus’s that I have to take. But it’s like a waiting game.

I’m super excited because it is their Christmas programs! They have super excited about this for a while and they dressed up perfectly for it, have worked their butts off for this, and will do amazing.

I’m nervous because I have to be there!! Having to ride the bus now is stressful because it’s not in my control about how soon or late I am to where I need to go.


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