Heart Breaking

My heart is just completely breaking right now for my loved ones that are going through a very hard time in life right now. I’d give anything just to take all the pain, sadness, and hurt away. It’s so hard to see them go through all of this and not be able to help them.

When others are going through something very hard, it really makes you look and realize that maybe when you are thinking your life sucks during a hard time period in your life and you don’t know what to do or how to continue, that maybe there are others that have it harder than you so be grateful for what you do have and for the struggle, because without it, you wouldn’t be the strong individual that you are.

My loved ones that are going through this hard time, are stronger than words can describe. They really are. I honestly don’t know how they can hold it all together for their own children and loved ones when truthfully they are dying instead with all the pain, hurt, and sadness. They are a true example of true strength. This whole hard process that they are going through in life right now has helped show their greatness, strength, and bravery. So proud that these loved ones are in my life. I look up to them a lot and know that they will make it.


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