Perfect Moment

Currently I’m laying in my bed with Little #1 passed out holding my arm on my left side all cuddled up to me snoring away, Little #2 passed out holding my other arm on my right side all cuddled up to me with his leg even pushed onto my back, and our dog Molly all spread out on my bare feet snoring away as well. All four of us taking up my whole bed; thank goodness for a king size bed or this would not go as well lol!

This right is the moment I can’t wait for all day, especially when I’ve been missing them all weekend while they are at their dads for his home on his weekends.
#BeyondBlessed #PerfectMoment


2 thoughts on “Perfect Moment

  1. Theresa Cox says:

    Hello my dear,
    I can relate to you as I was a single mother myself for almost 40 years. I want to follow you from my website which you said you are now following,, but I don’t know how to do that and have you show up on my website. I am a newbie at this so if you can help let me know. I also know of another website that you might be interested in is Jen and Barb Mom Live. However, their children are a little older and they seem to blog more about the current ages of their own children. It’s worth a look. If you know what I should do let me know. I can’t make sense out of the help. lol.

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    • TheMommyDiaries says:

      Okay thank you! It’s nice to know that others have been through this. If you go to my site, on the top of the page, it should say “follow” and you can push that if you’d like to follow my blog. Otherwise, if you are on my site, on the right hand side, if you scroll down a bit you can find a “follow” button again or else there’s a email sign up as well. Thank you! I will look for their blog!


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