Day 12 Blog Challenge

Day 12 Blog Challenge: What do you collect?

I collect a few things. I collect pictures, books, and makeup.

I love collecting pictures because you can always look back at a picture and remember everything and anything about that moment in time. Some are painful to look at, some are learning experiences to look at, and some are so joyful to look at.

Books are a big collection for me. Books are just so amazing. They take you to a whole new world each and every time. It’s just so amazing to read a book and have it take you on new adventures and new places. Books get me every time.

Makeup is awesome. I haven’t been wearing makeup regularly but I still have a lot of it. I love how you can put makeup on and become someone new kind of, even just for a day or moment and can transform yourself. Its amazing. I love who I am though for the first time ever so maybe that’s why I haven’t been wearing any. Or maybe its because I’m always so busy with my little’s lol.


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