Day 11 Blog Challenge

Day 11 Blog Challenge: What is your current relationship status?

Currently, I am single. I honestly love it right now and am enjoying it. I don’t have to share with anyone, except my little’s and dog of course. I don’t have to listen to anyone else. I get to actually learn how to be alone and like it. I get to do whatever I want for the most part.

Being single has actually been helping me. At first, I was scared out of my mind about being single. For a long time I was actually single but for a year recently, I was with my little’s father and got used to it. Kind of got too used to it. I relied on him to be there and help so when he was gone, it was kind of like a big shock again to go and do everything on my own again. But, honestly, it is kind of freeing in a big way. I get to figure out myself all over and learn more about myself and life than every before.

I’m taking this year to be single. I will be focusing on my little’s, my dog, and I. I will be focusing on school and getting a career. I will be focusing on learning more about myself and growing as a person. I’m so excited!!


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