Day 10 Blog Challenge

Day 10 Blog Challenge: Write about your pet.

I have a dog. We got her in June or July of this year. Her name is Molly. She’s two years old but the biggest baby in our home. She has helped save me and my littles and taught us a lot. Here are some things she has taught us:

1. It’s always play time. No matter what time it is, where we are, or what we are doing, it’s always time to play.

2. She will always find the trash and destroy it. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the bathroom with the door shut, in the kitchen in the closet, or by the basement stairs with the basement door shut. She always finds it and destroys it. I swear she is the trash queen. She loves it. Even stinky diapers from babies. Even if there’s nothing in it! She will find it and destroy the bag then. It never ends lol.

3. It is possible for an animal to be your best friend. I can tell you that for sure. She is my little’s best friend and mine. She’s always there when we need her, can always put a smile on our faces, and never turns her back on us. She is the best.

4. She will always come to the rescue. Every time we are lonely, having a bad day, or having a hard time, she’s there. Always.

5. She never judges us. Even if we are losing our temper and having the worst day possible and make a huge mistake, she will forgive you and be there. Through thick and thin.

6. If it’s yours, it’s mine. We could be eating pizza, a cupcake, or liver and she will always want some and think it’s hers. She believes that what is ours, is hers.

7. There will always be a mess somewhere. Seriously. She makes messes with her bones, toys, and the trash. Also anything else she can get into to. Every where we turn, there’s a mess. Big or small. From her, me, or my littles. And messes are okay sometimes.

8. It’s okay. Its okay to feel down sometimes. It’s okay to not want to do anything except cuddle with your dog and get kisses. It’s okay to take a moment to breathe. It seriously is all okay. Just always get back up and push through whatever you are going through. Never give up.

My dog Molly is the best dog in the world. Sure I may be biases here but it’s true. She has changed our lives and I’m forever grateful for her. She’s simply amazing.






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